Network Video Recorders (NVR)

exacqVision recorders provide reliable high performance hardware with exacqVision surveillance video management software. Models are available to record up to 192 total analog and IP cameras with up to 120 TB of storage including the M-Series, ELP-Series, and LC-Series

ELP-Series Hybrid/IP Servers

Connect up to 40 Cameras/Store up to 12 TB
The exacqVision ELP-Series is a powerful, cost-effective network video recorder with high reliability operation and minimal setup time. Each server comes pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional VMS software and 4 IP licenses included.

LC-Series Hybrid/IP Appliances

Connect up to 32 Cameras/Store up to 4 TB
The exacqVision LC-Series appliance is a versatile, cost-effective video surveillance solution. Each appliance includes exacqVision Start VMS software pre-loaded and 4 exacqVision Start IP camera licenses.

LC-Series Una All-in-One Video Recorder

Connect up to 8 Cameras/Store up to 12 TB
The exacqVision LC-Series Una all-in-one video recorder with integrated PoE+ camera power ports. Each recorder comes with exacqVision Start VMS software and up to 16 exacqVision Start IP camera licenses.

M-Series All-in-One Video Recorder

Connect 4 or 8 IP Cameras/Store up to 2 TB
The exacqVision M-Series network video recorders feature up to 8 PoE camera ports and FREE exacqVision Start licenses. The M-Series NVRs are easy to quote, install & service at a very cost-effective price.

Live Video Monitoring Stations

ExacqVision C-Series monitoring stations are ideal for viewing and monitoring video via the exacqVision Client


Exacq offers video encoders to easily integrate existing analog cameras with an exacqVision IP security system.

E-Series Encoders

The exacqVision E-Series single and 4-channel, cost-effective encoders allow users to convert analog cameras to IP to utilize exacqVision IP camera servers. These E-Series encoders feature EasyConnect so the encoder is automatically detected and configured into the exacqVision system.

Tyco HD Encoder

The Tyco HD Encoder offers an attractive, simple solution for customers looking to take advantage of high definition video and the affordability of analog HD cameras, providing a seamless way to achieve full integration with exacqVision.