exacqVision Advantage with Illustra Cameras

Effortless Integration. Instant Protection.

We’ve Cleared the Obstacles to Integration with Intuitive, Scalable System Features

    Competitive price advantage when using Illustra cameras with exacqVision BBE servers

    • No-charge IP channel licenses for Illustra Pro & Flex cameras Gen3 or later
    • Register licenses on-demand via 24/7 self-service portal, instantly active for customers to import from file or exacq.com
    • No complicated "promo code" manual order process that typically takes 24 to 48 hours to receive an updated license
    • No need to manually pre-configure cameras for security hardening before adding to exacqVision, reducing commissioning time by 5 minutes per camera
    • Just install Illustra cameras straight out-of-the-box, run through the scan discovery and quick add process – cameras will be automatically hardened in enhanced security mode

    Faster installs with enhanced security assurance

    • exacqVision network scan will auto-detect Illustra cameras in factory-default unconfigured mode
    • Users can quickly bulk add unconfigured cameras to exacqVision
      • Unique Host ID will be autogenerated per camera and securely stored on exacqVision server
      • All cameras are automatically configured for Enhanced Security mode
      • All unsecured protocols are disabled, defaulting to HTTPS
      • Default "admin" username and password replaced with new user-defined credentials, securely stored within exacqVision server
      • Quickly add future cameras without disclosing camera passwords to users with restricted view privileges
exacqVision Advantage