exacqVision X-Series

Highest performance, reliability and capacity recorders

High Performance Network Video Recorders

  • Continuously record up to 950Mbps of video for high concentration of HD cameras.
  • Up to 175 camera streams simultaneously connected.
  • Simultaneously connect up to 500 remote clients
  • 2x 10GbE network interfaces for faster archiving and mass client performance
exacqVision X-Series 2U video server
exacqVision X-Series front plate

High Reliability Network Video Recorders

  • Continuously record during single power source failure with dual power supplies
  • Enterprise-class, continuous-duty hard drives
  • Hot spare drive options for automatic replacement of failed drive
  • Uninterrupted operation and video preservation in event of one or two drive failures via RAID 5 or RAID 6
  • Solid state drive (SSD) for Linux or Windows operating system. RAID 1 protected dual SSDs
  • Monitors hardware health in exacqVision client and with email/text notifications
  • ESM Failover feature protects against system failures (requires ESM and hardware)

High Capacity Network Video Recorders

  • Record up to 175 IP cameras
  • Includes 8 IP camera licenses, either Professional or Enterprise
  • Compatible with Thousands of IP camera models
  • Store up to 240TB with front accessible storage
  • Compatible with all exacqVision network recorders and VMS software for maximum scalability
exacqVision X-Series high capacity nvr
exacqVision 7.4 enterprise vms software

VMS Software:

  • Pre-configured with exacqVision Professional VMS software:
    Our system comes standard with the powerful exacqVision Professional VMS software, ensuring seamless operation right out of the box.
    • EasyConnect: Automatically discover, address, and connect IP cameras effortlessly. No manual configuration is required.
    • Two-way audio: Engage in real-time communication with integrated audio capabilities.
    • Powerful integration: Seamlessly integrate with retail security, financial, and access control systems for comprehensive surveillance solutions.
    • Conduct investigations: Easily search through recorded video, audio, and data using thumbnail or timeline search features.
    • Bookmark important video: Archive critical footage for long-term retention and easy retrieval.
    • Video multi-streaming: Optimize storage utilization and network traffic by streaming video efficiently.
  • View video anywhere (standard)
    Access your video feed from anywhere, ensuring convenience and flexibility.
    • Unlimited Windows/Linux/Mac PC clients: Our system supports unlimited clients across various operating systems, allowing seamless access for your entire team.
    • Live and recorded video from any browser: Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can view live and recorded video effortlessly through your web browser.
    • Live and recorded video from most tablets and smartphones: Stay connected on the go! Access your surveillance footage from your favorite tablets and smartphones.
  • Upgrade to exacqVision Enterprise software
    Enjoy the advanced capabilities of our Enterprise software without any extra cost. It comes bundled with the 8 preloaded licenses.
    • VideoPush: Take control of your video wall clients remotely, ensuring efficient monitoring and management.
    • Case Management: Organize critical evidence seamlessly for investigations and legal purposes.
    • Active Directory / LDAP integration: Simplify user administration with IT-friendly integration for user management.
    • Easy, single-screen administration: Manage cameras, users, storage, and notifications effortlessly through an intuitive interface.
  • Enterprise System Manager (optional)
    • Maximize uptime with health monitoring

Host Certified Software Applications (CSA)

  • Ability to host CSAs such as video analytic or point-of-sale interfaces on the servers
  • Tested by Exacq for reliable operation
  • Save money on hardware and support costs and rack space by loading multiple applications on one server

5-Year Warranty and 5-Year Software Subscription Agreement (SSA)

  • Constantly increase VMS software features with included regular software updates
  • 5 years of unlimited software updates included
  • 5 years of system warranty
  • Next day onsite support standard while under warranty
exacqVision X-Series video recorder front-accessible hard drives

All X-Series are fully configured from the factory and no HDD capacity can be added after purchase.
This chart only conveys the existing HDD makeup of each server.

Shipped Drive Configuration
1U 2U
16 TB 4
32 TB 4
48 TB 4
64 TB 4
72 TB 6
96 TB 8
144 TB 12
192 TB 12
240 TB 12