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Large Scale, Intuitive VMS Software

Large Scale, Intuitive Video Management System (VMS) Features

    Effectively monitor video, audio and data in real time

    • Customizable video wall
    • Two-way audio
    • Interactive & multi-level mapping
    • Data integration from retail and access control systems
    • Notification overlays

    Reduce review time and conduct investigations seamlessly

    • Push individual live cameras or an entire view of live cameras to another exacqVision user or public view monitor
    • Powerful thumbnail, timeline and list search capabilities
    • Export video in open-standard video formats
    • Or export as a self-contained player with tamper protection
Enterprise vms video wall

Enterprise vms user setup
exacqVision Enterprise System Manager to monitor IP camera and network video recorder health

Enterprise Manager

    Enterprise Manager is now an integrated part of exacqVision Enterprise VMS software.

    • Maximize uptime of exacqVision recorders
    • Access health instantly from anywhere
    • Increase reliability with automatic failover
    • Create highly flexible e-mail notifications
    • Reduce software maintenance time
    • Monitor camera health

Multi-Server Administration

    Single screen administration across multiple systems

    • Cameras: Globally configure and monitor camera settings across the enterprise
    • Storage: Monitor storage health, configure S-Series storage connections
    • Users: Simultaneous administration of all users on multiple servers
    • LDAP and Active Directory Integration for standardized network administration
    • E-Mail and Text Notifications: Quickly configure notification rules on all servers
Enterprise vms multi-server administration and ldap configurations
exacqVision Enterprise vms security camera management

Build a Best-of-Breed Physical Security System

  • exacqVision Enterprise VMS is compatible with:
    • Over 1,000 IP camera models and encoders from more than 60 manufacturers
    • 20 access control systems
    • Video analytics solutions for license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection
    • Retail and point-of-sale analytics

Multi-Level Mapping

  • Create hierarchical nesting of maps for faster camera and device navigation.

Ease of Use & Flexible

  • Requires little to no training
  • Software installs in minutes
  • EasyConnect automatically finds, assigns and addresses certain IP cameras to the network
  • Auto-detection and connection of most IP cameras
  • Easily add IP camera licenses at any time
  • Per camera licensing with no base server fee
Enterprise vms multi-level mapping
exacqVision Enterprise vms security camera management

Constantly Expanding Functionality with Included Software Updates

  • Get more video management features without replacing your entire video management system
  • Includes one year free software updates (three years on exacqVision NVR's)

Flexible Deployment

  • exacqVision Enterprise VMS software pre-configured and pre-installed on exacqVision out-of-the-box network video recorders
  • Installs on third-party servers

View Video Anywhere with Free Client Software

  • Select the interface that works best for you
  • Access live and recorded video on Windows, Linux or Mac PCs
  • Use the free web service application in any modern browser
  • Download the free Exacq Mobile app available for iOS and Android

Highly Scalable

  • Single client connects to thousands of servers
  • Allows you to connect up to 64 analog and 128 IP cameras
  • Video analytics for license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection
  • Offers high video throughput with minimal CPU and RAM requirements necessary
vms mobile app to monitor cctv surveillance cameras

start bubble pro bubble enterprise bubble
Max cameras per server 16 Analog
16 IP
64 Analog
128 IP
64 Analog
128 IP
Max server connections per client 1 512 (thick client)
16 (web client)
512 (thick client)
16 (web client)
Windows and Linux server compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Free Windows, Linux and Mac clients Yes Yes Yes
Browser-based viewing of live/stored video
Deploy a web server to support client access from IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers
Yes Yes Yes
Tablet/Smartphone based viewing of live/stored video
Free iOS, Android or Window 8 application to view live or stored video
Yes Yes Yes
Automatically finds, assigns and addresses certain IP cameras to the network
Yes Yes Yes
Auto-detect and connect to 1,000s of supported IP cameras
Connect to over 1,700 camera models from more than 60 manufacturers
Yes Yes Yes
Fish-eye/panoramic lens support (live and recorded)
De-warp circular images directly in the client for supported cameras and lenses
Yes Yes Yes
Client bandwidth throttling
Optimize video data rates over limited bandwidth client connections
Yes Yes Yes
Pre-post alarm recording
Capture the entire event with configurable pre- and post- event recording
Yes Yes Yes
Soft triggers
Set up buttons in exacqVision client to trigger external events in other systems
Yes Yes Yes
Per-camera min/max retention
Specify minimum/maximum video retention time per camera
- Yes Yes
Time-lapse recording
Prove that cameras are always recording without consuming lots of storage space
- Yes Yes
Extended storage
Expand primary video and audio storage using exacqVision's S-Series or industry standard NAS
- Yes Yes
Archive important video and audio to an exacqVision S-Series storage server or industry standard NAS devices
- Yes Yes
Audit trail
See who modified the system and when
- Yes Yes
Setup Indicators
Guides installers through common configuration options to optimize the exacqVision client
- Yes Yes
Custom user groups
Set up groups of users with specific permissions
- Yes Yes
Third-party integrations
Integrate with access control, analytics, retail, intrusion systems and more
- Yes Yes
Smart search
Search for motion in a particluar region of video
- Yes Yes
Email notifications for system health events
Receive an email notification when a system is experiencing hardware failures or other health events
- Yes Yes
exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard support
Control PTZ cameras accurately and navigate exacqVision faster with the exacqVision surveillance keyboard
- Yes Yes
Health dashboard of exacqVision NVRs and attached cameras
- - Yes
Advanced user role management
- - Yes
Dynamic client connection management
- - Yes
Scheduled configuration backups and recoveries
- - Yes
Scheduled version updates
- - Yes
LDAP/Active Directory
Manage user access to exacqVision through existing active directory
- - Yes
Compatible with exacqVision Virtual Appliance
- - Yes
Live View Start Professional Enterprise
View cameras on multiple monitors
Configure multi-camera layouts spanning one or more monitors
Yes Yes Yes
PTZ control and presets
Manually control PTZ cameras or define and call up presets or tours of presets
Yes Yes Yes
Digital PTZ control and presets
Digitially zoom in and around high mega-pixel cameras images
Yes Yes Yes
Motion and alarm indication
View color-coded notification borders for motion and alarm events as they happen
Yes Yes Yes
Event linking on discrete inputs
Automatically execute actions when camera inputs are triggered
Yes Yes Yes
Event linking on video, serial and health events
Automatically execute actions on a variety of conditions including motion events, serial data or health events
- Yes Yes
Event-driven and time-based video switching
Direct operator attention to specific cameras with event-driven and time-based video switching
- Yes Yes
Camera groups
Define groups of cameras for faster inspection
- Yes Yes
Camera Links
Configure overlay controls to appear on the live view when you navigate and hover over the camera
- Yes Yes
Record and view multiple streams of video from individual cameras
- Yes Yes
Event notifications
Send email notifications as a response to input events, motion event, alarm events and more
- Yes Yes
Define maps for rapid navigation of cameras according to their physical location
- Yes Yes
Two-way audio
Receive audio from cameras and transmit audio to server or camera audio outputs for two-way communication
- Yes Yes
Hierarchical maps for fast camera navigation
Define nested maps for rapid navigation of large numbers of cameras according to their physical location
- - Yes
Push individual live cameras or an entire view of live cameras to another exacqVision user or public view monitor
- - Yes
Camera inspection workflow
- - Yes
Search, Playback, Export and Archive Start Professional Enterprise
exacqReplay instant replay
Instantly review video from the live view screen
Yes Yes Yes
Thumbnail & timeline search
Visually search video using thumbnail or timeline views
Yes Yes Yes
List Search
Displays search results in list format with an animated thumbnail of the associated video
Yes Yes Yes
POS and ATM serial text search
Search point-of-sale, ATM data and more to view video from the cooresponding time
Yes Yes Yes
Multi-camera playback
Simultaneously review multiple cameras during playback
Yes Yes Yes
Export to DVD
Burn video directly to a DVD from exacqVision
Yes Yes Yes
Export to .AVI, .MP4, .MOV or .EXE file
Export video to industry standard .AVI or a self-contained executable player
Yes Yes Yes
Multiple camera export
Export more than one camera (self-contained player export only)
- Yes Yes
Permanently save, label and manage important video
- Yes Yes
Case Management
Organize bookmarks into cases
- - Yes
Software Updates Start Professional Enterprise
Available for Purchase
Software Updates Included
(on exacqVision Servers)
3 years 3 years 3 years
Software Updates Included
(on 3rd-party Servers)
90 Days 1 year 1 year
Supported languages (all versions)

Multi-Level Mapping
Active Directory and LDAP
Enterprise User Setup
Enterprise Cameras
Timeline Search
Camera Links
Two-Way Audio
Data Integration
View Video Anywhere

Multi-Level Mapping

Add any number of nested maps to the client and place cameras and alarms on the map for an instant visual assessment of the entire enterprise system.

Active Directory and LDAP

Configure exacqVision permissions and privileges for accounts that exist on an active directory server for standard network administration and easy deployment in an enterprise setting.

Enterprise User Setup

Allows user to enter a single entry to create or edit a user profile to multiple servers across the deployment.

Enterprise Cameras

Configure and administer camera settings on the enterprise system from one screen.

Timeline Search

Use the timeline search feature to quickly find video and audio for a single camera or an entire view. Video frames automatically populate as the timeline cursor is moved for a fast and intuitive search even in low bandwidth connections.

Camera Links

Configure overlay controls to appear on live view when you navigate and hover over a camera.


Allows users to permanently save, label and manage important video clips on the server.

Two-Way Audio

Two way audio adds the ability to stream audio from the client to the server's audio output port. Click the microphone icon to show the configured speaker list.

Data Integration

exacqVision integrates with more than 20 access control systems, video analytics solutions for license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection.


VideoPush gives users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor or a public view monitor.

View Video Anywhere

Access live and recorded video on multiple PCs through the freely distributed client applications, free web server application and free mobile app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.

Recorder Hardware Requirements

Up to 16 cameras*
1-2 simultaneous remote clients
Up to 64 cameras*
4 simultaneous remote clients
High Performance
Up to 128 cameras*
5+ simultaneous remote clients
Intel Celeron Intel Core i3 Intel Core i7
4 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Operating System Drive
HDD (1TB) SSD (128 GB) SSD (128 GB)
Video Storage Drive
120 Mbps (non-sequental write)* 240 Mbps (non-sequental write)* 480 Mbps (non-sequental write)*
2x1 Gbps 2x1 Gbps 2x1 Gbps

* Assuming each camera with a primary stream at 1080p@15fps@5Mbps and secondary stream at 1080p@15fps@2.5Mbps

Client Hardware Requirements

One monitor, up to 16 streams
Two monitors, up to 32 streams
High Performance
Four monitors, up to 64 streams
Intel Celeron Intel Core i3 Dual Xeon processors
4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Hard Drive
128 GB SSD 128 GB SSD 128 GB SSD
Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics NVIDIA or similar discrete graphics card
1x1 Gbps 1x1 Gbps 1x1 Gbps

Supported Operating Systems

Server, Client, Web Service
Server, Client, Web Service
Client Only
Ubuntu 16.04
Windows 7 Ubuntu 14.04
(64-bit or 32-bit with PAE)
(El Capitan)
Windows Server 2012 R2 Ubuntu 12.04
(32-bit with PAE)
Windows Server 2012 Ubuntu 10.04
(32-bit with PAE)
Windows Server 2008 R2 10.8
(Mountain Lion)

Supported Web Browsers

NOTE: The web service is typically installed on the exacqVision video server. It has the same CPU and RAM requirements as a client workstation, which vary based on resolution and quantity of simultaneous camera streams.

Mobile Device Access

NOTE: Mobile device access requires the web service to be activated on the NVR or another server.