exacqVision G-Series

Cost-Effective Video Recorders with Sophisticated Performance

G-Series PoE

The G-Series PoE offers sophisticated performance in an 8 and 16 channel version in a cost-effective NVR without the hassle of wiring cameras to a power supply. Equipped with a generous PoE budget, this NVR delivers 15 watts simultaneously on all ports, and up to 30 watts on any single port, giving customers substantial flexibility on camera choices, with a simple plug-and-play setup.

Powerful local client performance means that live video can be viewed directly on the NVR with 8 or 16 full-HD simultaneous streams at 30fps, providing a high-quality experience when viewing live or searching stored video.

exacqVision G-Series

G-Series Micro

The G-Series Micro is a video recording solution designed for customer who want to leverage concise camera counts in an ultra small form factor. The Micro is a great combination for exacqVision Cloud Drive or other cloud storage options giving customers an economical options to store, access and search critical surveillance video for up to 8 IP cameras.

exacqVision G-Series
exacqVision G-Series web service

Small and Mighty

As small in stature as it is in price, the G-Series Micro fits perfectly in space-constrained applications such as retail shops, restaurants, banks, and other small professional offices. The G-Series Micro flexibility and targeted approach to NVR storage device is perfect to scenarios with limited camera counts or distributed architecture.

Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks Across Devices

exacqVision G-Series NVRs have been designed to be resilient against cyber-threats. This solution includes role based access control that allows administrators to restrict access to functions and cameras by user role. Safeguard controls include an enhanced security mode which forces the use of complex, non-default password and encrypted communications. G-Series NVRs adheres to the rigorous standards of the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program. The holistic approach to cyber protection is aimed at providing peace of mind to our customers. Our security mindset begins at initial design concept and is supported through deployment, including a rapid incident response to meet the comprehensive and evolving cybersecurity environments.

exacqVision G-Series holistic methodology

3-Year Warranty and Software Subscription Agreement (SSA)

  • Constantly increase VMS features with regular software updates
  • 3 years of unlimited software updates included
  • 3 years of system warranty
exacqVision G-Series comes with a 3 year warranty