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What is Certified Software Application?

Reduce the hardware, maintenance, installation, power and cooling costs by hosting multiple software packages on a single CSA qualified exacqVision recorder.

Certified Software Applications (CSA) are third-party software applications such as access control systems, video and retail analytics and POS systems have been tested and approved by Exacq for installation on select exacqVision recorders including the exacqVision A-Series with the CPU, RAM and hard drive upgrade and any exacqVision Z-Series.

CSA testing qualifies the third-party software to run properly on an exacqVision server simultaneously with the exacqVision server software. Consult the integration guide to determine the exacqVision performance compromise when sharing exacqVision recorder resources with additional software applications.

To run a CSA application, purchase our additional option for the CSA upgrade: