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The retail setting creates a unique set of opportunities with regards to surveillance video. While video cameras are certainly pointed towards merchandise in an effort to reduce shrinkage, a shared concern of many retailers is internal, or employee, theft. Therefore a surveillance system needs to be covert enough to detect and detract all types of loss prevention. Moreover, a surveillance system enhances the image of a retail establishment by making customers feel safe. Since many retail applications involve more than one location, it is important for a surveillance solution to be scalable and have powerful remote functionality.

The exacqVision video management system software is available on a factory installed hybrid server or an IP camera server. Both of these servers utilize today's IP (Internet Protocol) network cameras that reside on and send video using common computer networks. The hybrid system also incorporates video from analog cameras without the need for video encoders.

The administrator or administrators of the system can set up multiple system users with very specific functionality. For instance, some users may be set up to only view live video. In addition, certain users may not be able to see video from selected cameras or even know that they exist on the server (i.e. covert cameras). The administrator and specified users can access video from a single server or multiple servers across a network. This allows security personnel and/or supervisors to view video from one location or hundreds of locations simultaneously. Video can also be viewed and searched via a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) or over iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices with the included exacq Mobile apps.

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