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Banks and credit unions often have an image of being highly secure institutions. It's common to walk into a bank and instantly see an armed guard and several surveillance cameras. Surveillance footage from crimes like robberies is often dazzling enough to be featured on television news. Being able to identify and apprehend an assailant is a positive reflection on the security measures of that institution. But crimes like check fraud and identity theft also pose a significant threat to financial institutions and require the latest in video surveillance.

Although the exacqVision video management system can view and record older analog cameras, it's real power lies in its ability to integrate with IP (Internet Protocol) network cameras. IP cameras use computer networks to carry audio, video and related data from the camera to the exacqVision IP camera server or hybrid server. While analog cameras are limited to standard resolution, today's network cameras view and record video in high definition to offer greater image quality and clarity.

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