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Intelligent Alert

Tyco AI Deep Learning Analytics

Actionable Intelligence. Autonomous Solutions

Tyco AI is an ever-evolving, deep learning solution that takes analytic capabilities such as object classification, behavior, and facial recognition to the next level, using powerful algorithms that customize solutions for specific end-user installations. Tyco AI provides a new, more autonomous approach to alerts, searches, privacy and access, leveraging a facility's surveillance infrastructure and reducing the need for operator intervention. Analytic solutions leverage deep learning to become exponentially faster and more accurate, enabling video surveillance with essential and customizable operational intelligence data for nearly any customer application.

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Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks

Tyco AI adheres to the rigorous standards of the Johnson Controls Product Security Program. Johnson Controls takes a holistic, structured approach to help you protect systems and sensitive data from the risk of a cyberattack. Our disciplined governance, expert-driven design, and security-infused development are aimed at providing piece of mind to our customers. Ever evolving with a commitment to partnership, we provide rapid incidence response to meet the comprehensive needs of cybersecurity environments.

Your AI-Enabled Front Door Host

Exacq's Facial Matching solution provides notification of arriving persons of interest. Designed to provide actionable intelligence, facial matches can be monitored in live video overlays or delivered in notifications. When using the Exacq Mobile application, a video clip is presented for verification. Faces can be classified into different categories so that personnel can be deployed to respond appropriately. Enabled by Tyco AI, this deep learning facial recognition engine provides high accuracy facial matching, even with partially obscured faces due to glasses, hats, and varied angles of view.

Tyco AI mobile
Tyco AI tracking representation

Accurate Recall of Every Noteworthy Person of Interest

Recognize suspected shoplifters returning to a store, or a person of interest entering a high-profile sporting event with this highly accurate facial matching solution from Exacq. Faces can be registered from imported images or from any recorded video. exacqVision's Event Linking capability can automate the registration of faces for future recognition with point of sale transactions or electronic asset security events. Access to the facial matching database is restricted to appropriately credentialed users, and faces scanned at entry points that do not match any registration are discarded, ensuring the privacy of the general public.

Safer Business Operations for the New Normal

As companies scramble to implement safeguards to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, intelligent applications can quickly put information into the hands of facility decision makers tasked with mask detection, making it easier for businesses to be proactive about reducing the risks of virus transmission.

Face mask detection is an AI analytics solution designed to help businesses rise to the challenge of operating safely by complying with mask mandates and public health regulations. Enforcing operational safeguards can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for businesses operating in these unprecedented times and often with limited resources.

Face Matching Image
Mask Detection Image

Enhanced Situational Awareness

exacqVision provides automated No Mask event notification, for enhanced situational awareness and a quicker response time when a person without a required face mask is detected. Face Mask detection is seamlessly integrated from Tyco AI directly to exacqVision and is an ideal solution for retail, education, corporate, and hospital environments.

Hardware Requirements

4-channel Face Recognition
16-channel Face Recognition
Intel Xeon W-2255 3.7 GHz Processor with 10 Cores 1x Intel Xeon Gold 6230R 2.1 GHz Processors with 26 Cores
1x Quadro RTX4000 8GB RAM 2x Quadro RTX5000 16GB RAM
64 GB DDR4 128 GB DDR4
2x 1Gb Ethernet NICs 2x 1Gb Ethernet NICs

Recommended Camera Stream

2MP (1080p)
Frames per Second

Recommend Camera Placement

~200 pixels per foot
Direct front-facing view
Scene Lighting
Faces lit at 200 lux
Minimize background brightness
Max exposure time/minimum shutter speed of 1/60th second

Facial Matching
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