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DT, Up to 64 IP CamerasDT, 8 Analog, Up to 64 IP CamerasDT, 16 Analog, Up to 64 IP CamerasDT, 32 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras2U, Up to 64 IP Cameras2U, 16 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras2U, 32 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras2U, Front Load, Up to 64 IP Cameras2U, Front Load, 16 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras2U, Front Load, 32 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras4U, Up to 64 IP Cameras4U, 16 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras4U, 32 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras4U, 48 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras4U, 64 Analog, Up to 64 IP Cameras
Z Series Servers
2U, Up to 128 IP Cameras2U, 16 Analog, Up to 128 IP Cameras2U, 32 Analog, Up to 128 IP Cameras4U, Up to 128 IP Cameras4U, 16 Analog, Up to 128 IP Cameras4U, 32 Analog, Up to 128 IP Cameras4U, 48 Analog, Up to 128 IP Cameras4U, 64 Analog, Up to 128 IP Cameras
ELP Series Servers
ELP, Up to 24 IP CamerasELP, 8 Analog, Up to 24 IP CamerasELP, 16 Analog, Up to 24 IP CamerasELPR, Up to 24 IP CamerasELPR, 8 Analog, Up to 24 IP CamerasELPR, 16 Analog, Up to 24 IP Cameras
LC Series Servers
LC, Up to 16 IP CamerasLC, 8 Analog, Up to 16 IP CamerasLC, 16 Analog, Up to 16 IP CamerasUna, up to 8 POE+ camerasUna, up to 16 POE+ cameras
G Series Servers
G, Micro, Up to 8 IP licenses
M Series Servers
M, up to 4 POE camerasM, up to 8 POE cameras
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S-2U EnterpriseS-4U Enterprise
EM Series Servers
EM-2U Enterprise
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■  Release Notes

Discounted prices listed are only available to .

Linux option available by adding "L" to the end of A-Series and Z-Series part numbers.
Base licenses upgraded to Enterprise by adding "-E" to the end of the part numbers. Available to
Select and Elite dealers only.

Select a category for options.

8/13/2019:All M-Series server descriptions updated to include, "Uses HiSilicon 3535 CPU, HiSilicon is a subsidiary of Huawei."
8/02/2019:Price Updated:

Discontinued Items:
7/22/2019:Description Updated:
- 5000-91000
- 5000-91500
7/16/2019:Added Illustra Accessories:
6/24/2019:Added Illustra Cameras and Accessories:
6/11/2019:3MP and 8MP Illustra Pro Gen 3 added:
- IPS03-D12-OI03
- IPS03-D17-OI03
- IPS08-D13-OI03
- IPS08-D14-OI03

Discontinued (Replacement):
- IPS03D0OCWTT (None)
- IPS03D2ICWTT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2ISWTT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2ISWIT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2ICBTT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2ICBIT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2ISBTT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2ISBIT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2OCWIT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2OSWTT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2OSWIT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2OCBTT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2OCBIT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2OSBTT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D2OSBIT (IPS03-D12-OI03)
- IPS03D3ICWTT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3ICWIT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3ISWTT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3ISWIT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3ICBTT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3ICBIT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3ISBTT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3ISBIT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
- IPS03D3OCWIT (IPS03-D17-OI03)
6/3/2019:Pricing Updated:
- PE04-04T-M
- PE08-04T-M
- PE08-06T-M
5/13/2019:Discontinued (Replacement):
- ADCi600-M111 (IPS03CFOCWST)
- ADCi600-D113 (ADCi610-D113)
- ADCi600-D111 (ADCi610-D111)
- ADCi600-D011 (ADCi610-D011)
- ADCi610-M111 (IPS03CFOCWST)
- ADCi800F-X002 (IFS03XNANWTT)
- ADCi600F-B521 (IFS03B1ONWIT)
5/06/2019:Description Changes:
- 5000-20050
- 5000-20070
4/29/2019:Discontinued (Replacement):
- ADCi825-F311 (ADCi825LT-F311)
- ADCi825-F312 (ADCi825LT-F312)
4/25/2019:Description Changes:
- 5000-40149
- 5000-40152
4/18/2019:All A, Z, ELP, LC, G, and S-Series OS descriptions updated to Ubuntu Linux 18.04
4/17/2019:exacqVision EM-Series launched:
- EM-08T-2P
- EM-08T-2PL
Description Changes:
- 5000-02000
- 5000-20070
- 5000-40153
- 5000-65002
4/16/2019:Added G-Series Micro Accessory:
- 5000-50302
4/15/2019:Pricing update:
- EVCD-01-1MB
- C2C7000
- C2C8000-2.8
- C2C8000-4.0
- C2C9000
4/08/2019:Updated Z-Series server description to include 5 years of software updates and removed SSA-EVIP-01 and SSA-EVENIP-01 from its options list.

Product Change Notification PDF
2/21/2019:Added Illustra cameras:
2/11/2019:Pricing updates to software parts and certain illustra parts
11/12/2018:Pricing updates to some ELP and M-Series NVRs.
Pricing updates to all A-Series and Z-Series NVRs.
Pricing updates to all S-Series storage servers.
Pricing updates to replacement HDD part numbers and some NVR option part numbers.
10/03/2018:Smartvue part numbers revised

What previously began with S12 now begins with SMV-
9/12/2018:Smartvue released into catalog
7/02/2018:Z-Series and S-Series refreshes released. Options have changed.
Discontinued (Replacement):
- 5000-40382 (5000-40383)
- 5000-40390 (5000-40391)
- 5000-40362 (5000-40363)
- 5000-65001 (None)
Newly Released:
- 5000-40141
- 5000-40214
- 5000-40213
- 5000-65002
- 5000-65003
Description Changes:
- 5000-40148
- 5000-40147
- 5000-40152
- 5000-40216
- 5000-40217
- 5000-65000
6/12/2018:Illustra Pro compact domes released
6/12/2018:DVI-D to VGA adapter for LC-Series units (without POE) option released

Product Change Notification PDF
6/06/2018:Illustra Cleanup
- ADCi610-D521
- ADCi610-D541
- ADCi610-D543
- ADCi610-D523
- ADCi610-D341
- ADCi610-D323
- ADCi610-D343
- ADCi610-D321
- ADCi800F-D021A
- ADCi800F-B521
6/05/2018:Illustra Updates
- ADCi800F-D111
Newly Released:
6/01/2018:All software part numbers outside of the SDK/API items have received a price increase.
5/07/2018:Front Load A-Series part numbers released.
3/23/2018:Internal read/write DVD drive for 2U Z-Series servers has been discontinued.
2/12/2018:A-Series CSA option description updated from 8GB additional RAM to 12GB additional RAM.
2/10/2018:Pricing update for two 4UA IP systems and its variances (OS and license level)
- IP04-64T-R4A
- IP04-80T-R4A
1/16/2018:exacqVision Connected Partner Program launched
- EVCPP-01
exacqVision Windows 10 Field Upgrades launched
- 5000-91000
- 5000-91500
- 5000-92000
- 5000-92500
1/04/2018:Price increase on PE04-01T-M and PE08-02T-M activated
12/20/2017:GBP and EUR 3 tiered pricing updated.
12/05/2017:5000-20030 compatible with the LC-Series servers. Description now reflects that.

5000-40342 is not compatible with the R2A Quad NIC option. Description now reflects that.
12/01/2017:Illustra Updates

Discontinued Items:

Added Items:

MSRP Changes:
- ADCI600F-B521
- ADCI600F-D111A
- ADCI600F-X002A
- ADCI600F-D021A
- ADCI800F-B521
- ADCI800F-D111
- ADCI800F-X002
- ADCI800F-D021A
11/28/2017:Pricing reduction on NVRs with storage greater than 36TB.

S-Series OS updated to Ubuntu Linux 16.04

Larger capacity systems introduced with 8TB, 10TB drives across the A-Series, Z-Series and S-Series families as well as 12TB drives in the Z-Series and S-Series families.
- Desktops now to 20TB
- 2U A-Series now to 30TB
- 4U A-Series now to 80TB
- 2U Z-Series now to 96TB
- 4U Z-Series now to 240TB
- 2U S-Series now to 96TB
- 4U S-Series now to 240TB
- 4 port M-Series now to 4TB
- 8 port M-Series now to 6TB
10/17/2017:Illustra Flex 3MP Compact Mini Dome released
10/10/2017:All LC-Series server OS changed from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04
Product Change Notification PDF
10/02/2017:Old 2UZ and 2US builds discontinued.
New 2UZ and 2US builds activated.

Changed spare and hot spare hard drive part number schemes
9/20/2017:2 Channel Professional and 4 Channel Professional Activation cards Discontinued and no longer available for purchase.
- ACEVIP02-01
- ACEVIP04-01
8/21/2017:Generation 3 Illustra Essential 2MP bullet released.
8/21/2017:Decrease in List price for select Illustra items
- ADCI800F-B521
- ADCI600F-B521
- ADCI600F-X002A
- ADCI800F-X002
8/03/2017:Discontinued old CSA Upgrades
- 5000-40373
- 5000-40375
Added new CSA Upgrades
- 5000-40361
- 5000-40362
Product Change Notification PDF
8/03/2017:Operating Systems updated from Win7 and Ubuntu Linux 14.04 to Win10 and Ubuntu Linux 16.04.
- A-Series
- Z-Series
- ELP Series
- LC Series (excluding Una)

Product Change Notification PDF
Product Change Notification PDF
7/20/2017:Added 3MP Illustra Flex Generation 2 and their accessories.
7/13/2017:Added Illustra Pro fisheye mount.
7/11/2017:Released Start to Enterprise upgrade part number
7/05/2017:Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye discontinued.
Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye, Generation 2, added.
4/27/2017:Released i7 CPU upgrade for Linux systems
- 5000-40378
Discontinued Gen. 2 Illustra Essentials camera
Added Gen 3 Illustra Essentials camera
3/28/2017:Illustra mount kits added.
3/16/2017:Released Internal DVD Drive Options
3/16/2017:Aligned A-Series Hybrid server maximum storage
Hybrid Desktops -- added 12TB builds
Hybrid 4Us -- added 36TB, 42TB and 48TB
3/10/2017:Illustra SKU modifications:



Illustra catalog and exacq catalog now match.
3/09/2017:New Illustra price list applied to Certified Plus customers.
2/15/2017:4U A-Series descriptions modified to remove "DVD-RW" as builds have changed.
Product Change Notification PDF
12/01/2016:2U A-Series descriptions modified to remove 'DVD' as builds have changed.
Product Change Notification PDF
11/16/2016:M-Series recorders released:
- PE04-01T-M
- PE08-02T-M
M-Series upgrade parts released:
- PRO-M-PE04
- ENT-M-PE04
- PRO-M-PE08
- ENT-M-PE08
10/18/2016:Enterprise Activation Cards released.
10/07/2016:5000-40217 and 5000-40147 are incompatible together. Their descriptions now state that.
10/05/2016:Z-Series descriptions modified to remove 'DVD' as builds have changed.
Product Change Notification PDF
10/04/2016:LC Series Expanded - 2nd HDD Released
9/28/2016:Illustra Essentials Removed
Illustra Essentials Added
9/23/2016:Illustra Flex cameras description update.
9/20/2016:Released External Options
9/12/2016:Dual 10Gbps NIC option (5000-40152) description modification - "Dual SFP+ sockets with two MMF adapters included" removed.
8/30/2016:Additional Illustra Essentials accessories added
7/21/2016:5000-40154 and 5000-40342 are incompatible together. Their descriptions now state that.
6/29/2016:Released 1T and 3T HDs as accessories for DEPLOYED systems
Released the LC Series rackmount shelf
6/21/2016:Select Illustra 610 Mini-Domes price change
6/20/2016:LC Series Part Number and Pricing Changes
5/31/2016:CSA Options Price Reduction
5/12/2016:Illustra Essentials removed
Illustra Essentials Added
4/12/2016:On Site Service released
4/05/2016:Analog SSAs and Upgrades removed.
LC Bundled software upgrades removed
SSA-EVENIP-01 price reduction.
Enterprise Systems added.
-Available for Select and Elite dealers only.
SSA-SYNC added.
4/01/2016:Z-Series 3U IP servers obsolete.
3/22/2016:Una Recorders released.
2/16/2016:Illustra Pro 2MP Mini-Domes released and most Illustra Pro 600/610 Mini-Domes set to obsolete.
2/12/2016:48 input 4UZ and 64 input 4UZ price changes for GBP and EUR.
2/05/2016:Slight price increase on select Illustra models.
1/29/2016:Illustra Micros added.
1/26/2016:Illustra Varifocals added.
1/12/2016:NIC options added and existing NIC descriptions modified.
Price change with 72T & 78T 16input 4UZs.
1/04/2016:exacqVision Fail Over licensing made permanent.
12/10/2015:Illustra 30x PTZ cameras added.
12/08/2015:New formula used for discounting.
New layout for Illustra cameras and their accessories.
11/24/2015:Re-Activated 2U RAID option.
11/11/2015:Removed 2U RAID option.
11/11/2015:Removed TRAINING-LVL1 and TRAINING-LVL2 from the catalog.
10/16/2015:1MP and 2MP Illustra Essential domes and bullets added.
Illustra Essentials mounting accessories added.
9/28/2015:Exacq hardware price reduction. Removed Enterprise per server item numbers and replaced with Enterprise per camera item numbers.
9/17/2015:Added Illustra Pro LT 2MP bullet and accessories.
8/31/2015:S-Series professional removed from the catalog.
8/25/2015:Specific Illustra items reduced in price.
8/25/2015:Next generation ELP-series part numbers added and old ones deleted.
8/24/2015:Added 18T 2UA NVRs.
8/10/2015:Modified Linux version for A and Z series.
8/04/2015:Added 6T A series item numbers.
5/12/2015:Added Illustra Edge part numbers.
4/23/2015:Next generation A-series part numbers added and old ones deleted.
1/22/2015:EVIP-Transfer description update
1/08/2015:Added E-series rack mount shelf
11/11/2014:Added new Edge/Edge+ part numbers, obsoleted old Edge part numbers. Added new Start - Pro upgrade bundles for LC series.
10/28/2014:Added new Z-series recorders and options, removed old Z-series part numbers.
10/02/2014:Added E-Series part numbers to Options and Accessories.
6/2/2014:Updated GBP and EUR pricing with rounded costs
4/28/2014:Activation cards changed from Qty 25/10 to Qty 1, MOQ of 25/10 added
4/22/2014:Lowered EV-EDGE-01 Price
Updated Start-Pro upgrade prices
Added activation cards
4/21/2014:Removed SSAR parts
Added current version software update parts
Streamlined annual software update parts
4/02/2014:Updated ELP Series Pricing
3/28/2014:Prices updated for S-series Enterprise
3/31/2014:Added ELP Series
Removed EL/ELX Series
2/14/2014:Added 4TB LC models
2/17/2014:Added S-series Enterprise
12/16/2013:Added EVESM Enterprise System Manager
Removed EHM-01 Enterprise Health Manager
9/30/2013:Added 5000-50200 USB Input/output module.
Added 5000-40215 Windows Server 2008 R2 option to A-series
8/05/2013:Added LC-series to product catalog
6/26/2013:Added S-series professional to product catalog
5/21/2013:* Added new A series models utilizing larger 4TB drives
* Modified A & Z series descriptions to reflect new server hardware, Win64 bit
* Added 5000-40371 CPU upgrade option for A series

2/22/2013:Updated GBP and Euro price lists.
12/20/2012:New Z series models added with increased storage capacity, up to 32TB on all 2U models, 64TB on all 3U models, up to 80TB on all 4U models.
11/9/2012:Added new ELX series

Updated EL series description for dual NIC and monitor output updates

Removed 250GB server models
7/11/2012:Updated descriptions of 4U Z Series for new CPU, monitor outputs and hybrid capture card specifications. Affects 1608-48-xxxx-R4HZ, 3208-96-xxxx-R4HZ, 4808-144-xxxx-R4HZ, 6408-192-xxxx-R4HZ and IPZ08-xxxx-R4 series servers.

Added new 8 and 32 channel desktop servers, part numbers 0804-24-xxxx-DT and 3208-96-xxxx-DT.

Obsoleted all 120 IPS hybrids. Affects all 1608-12, 3208-24 and 0404-12 series servers.